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Sand blasting and Shot blasting

FerroECOBlast technology for sand blasting and shot blasting processes guarantees you the most economical and technically effective solution.

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Sand blasting is a process in which abrasive particles i.e. sand blasting media, are propelled against workpiece at great velocities bringing about modulated, in particular roughened surface of the treated object. Simultaneously, loosened particles and impurities such as soil, rust, scale etc. as well as redundant coating constituting workpiece surface prior sand blasting are mechanically removed.

Eventual residues of particles that have been stripped away from the workpiece and the small amount of crumbled sand blasting media are blown away from treated surface with the use of compressed air and sequentially collected in dust bins. Meanwhile, the recyclable abrasive retaining proper features is recycled.

The apparent simplicity of sand blasting process does not correspond to versatility and range of its applications. Moreover, sand blasting technology is employed for removal of surface layers in terms of surface cleaning and decontamination. In addition, sand blasting is also used for surface finishing, such as deburring and furthermore for achieving roughened - modified surface thereby serving as activation step prior application of functional/decorative coatings.

Proper sand blasting solution must consider in detail the interplay of many factors, including machinery configuration, different sand blasting parameters and characteristics of sand blasting media. It is especially important to address the attrition rate of abrasives and components of blasting system (e.g. hoses and nozzles), the means for achieving adequate separation and recycling of abrasive, extent of contamination of treated workpiece surface, minimizing dusty waste, extend the life time of filter units’ components, reduce labour costs as well as energy and compressed air consumption, etc.

In the context of aforementioned, FerroCrtalic is specialist in producing fully dedicated sand blasting machines. Numerous sand blasting systems that we developed over the last 50 years comprise machineries for coping specificities of workpieces in terms of size, weight, dimensions, types, configurations, etc. as well as user requirements, such as processing capacities, available workspace, offline vs. inline manufacturing process, etc. The most relevant products and technological solutions delivered by FerroCrtalic in terms of abrasive surface treatment comprise equipment for automated, robotized and manual (wet or dry) blasting as well as equipment for surface cleaning with the use of dry ice. The provided solutions are integrated in mobile machines or sand blasting cabins. Additionally, we have rich experiences in establishing and delivering safe, reliable and efficient sand blasting rooms. Importantly, our design of sand blasting rooms is firmly based on the customer specific requirements in terms of all vital aspects, i.e. sand blasting system, operating mode, working and auxiliary areas, circulation and recovery of sand blasting media, blast room ventilation system and electro installation. Notably, R&D activities carried out by our sand blasting experts can confront particular issues of surface treatment and directly address our customers’ needs. 

Our professional sand blasting and shot blasting equipment assortment consists of only the most efficienthighest quality, ecological products, continuously field tested in various configurations all over the world.

Our main concern is ecological aspect of sand/shot blasting technology, therefore all our products conforms to highest ecological and technical EU standards.

FerroECOBlast Quality Management System is certified since 1998 in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standard, certification that is renewed every year, also to retain the highest standards of our sand/shot blasting equipment.

Sand blasting and shot blasting as a finishing process, has been successfully utilized on metalglassceramicstoneplastics etc, and can be used for:

  • deburring
  • derusting
  • roughening
  • texturizing
  • etching
  • descaling
  • polishing
  • paint stripping
  • deflashing
  • cleaning 
  • and adding aesthetical value to the product. 

Sand blasting and shot blasting is a safenon hazardous and non chemical process. Sand/shot blasting is widely used in almost every industry.

What type of sand blasting and shot blasting equipment does FerroECOBlast offer?

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