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Removing the sealant from engine block

Removing the sealant from engine block


Project: Sealant removal with dry ice blasting

Year: 2011

Industry: Automotive industry -remanufacturing

Problem: German company which is remanufacturing diesel engines in large quantities, was looking for ecological cleaning solution to remove the sealant from engine block, head, timing chain cover and bed plate. Previously they were removing the sealant manually by hand with brushes or scrapers, which was time consuming and expensive with possibility of damaging the surface.

Solution: As part of the European project CleanER, FerroECOBlast first made test with dry ice blasting equipment, which proved to be a total success. As the result of testing, a contract was signed to design and deliver a robotic dry ice cleaning cell. FerroECOBlast designed and manufactured a dry ice blasting room RCC-12 ICE with an industrial robot and servo powered turntable with special fixtures for work pieces. Work pieces are loaded/unloaded manually, everything else works fully automatic. FerroECOBlast installed complete dry ice system with a pelletizer, two blasters with two blast nozzles and a recovery unit to maximize the output of dry ice pellets.

The solution with the dry ice cleaning robot is fast, highly effective, ecological and profitable.

The European project CleanER (Cleaning Engineering for Remanufacturing) under the aegis of the EraSME Network aims to explore and combine knowledge and technologies in the field of remanufacturing. For this purpose the reputable German companies BU Drive, Herrmanns, Mela, MD Rebuilt, Klubert + Schmidt and the Slovenian company FerroČrtalič have decided  to bridge link with the German Fraunhofer Institute, University of Bayreuth and University of Ljubljana.





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