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  • Sand/Shot blasting equipment

    Since 1964, we are constantly developing our own standard and customized solutions for surface treatment with sand/shot blasting equipment.

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  • Dry ice blasting/cleaning and snow blasting

    Explore new dimensions of cleaning with ecological highly efficient dry ice blasting/cleaning equipment without chemicals and secondary waste and achieve remarkable cleaning results.

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  • Shot peening & peen forming

    Add more value to your high-tech products and increase their lifetime, while protecting them against failures such as fatigue, fretting fatigue and stress corrosion cracking with our technology of shot peening.

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  • Soda blasting

    Soda blasting is the quickest, non-abrasive and environmentally safe way to remove all kinds of coatings, without damage to metal, glass, chrome or warping thin sheets of metal.

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  • Ultra High Pressure water blasting

    Tough, hazardous and contaminated materials can be safely removed from any kind of surfaces with Ultra High Pressure water blasting.
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  • Robotic & Automated solutions

    Increase your plant productivity, flexibility, and efficiency and reduce your overall production costs with FerroECOBlast robotic & automated surface treatment solutions.


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Research partners

Research partners: Univerza v LjubljaniBAYREUTH UNIVERSITYFraunhoferCleanER 




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