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Frequently asked questions

1. Why is the blast jet not even?

There are many reasons for the uneven blast jet:

  • worn out blast nozzle
  • incorrect dosage valve adjustment
  • bad quality of abrasive medium
2. Why does the abrasive medium stay in the cabinet?

The abrasive medium can stay in the cabinet because of:

  • too big specific weight of the abrasive medium regarding the chosen filter system,
  • damages on the suction hose,
  • saturation of the filter cartridges.
3. Why is the blast nozzle so fast worn out?

For a correct work it is necessary to select the right nozzle, the correct adjustments of parameters and the correct choice of blast nozzle regarding the blast medium's grain size.

Otherwise it can happen, that the nozzle is worn out too fast.

4. Why is there so much dust in the cabinet?

There can be dust in the cabinet because of the following reasons:

  • worn out abrasive medium,
  • unsuitable abrasive medium,
  • unsuitable suction unit,
  • saturated filter cartridges,
  • errors on the ventilating unit (damaged suction hoses),
  • unprofessional assembly of the equipment.
5. Why is it not allowed to use quartz sand?

Quartz sand can cause illness of the respiratory organs.

6. Why is the machine working slowly?

This can happen because of the following reasons:

  • use of inappropriate system of sandblasting (pressure / injector),
  • incorrect parameter adjustments,
  • unsuitable abrasive medium
7. Why is the system stopping?

The System can stop because of wet or greasy abrasive medium or because of humidity or oil in the compressed air..


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